Essential Oils for Grief and Loss

Fri, Jul 22, 2011

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Do you soak yourself in the bustle of life?  Are you embracing the simple joys and gifts that each day of living can bring?  Watch and read below to see why I have dramatically shifted my focus to the things that matter most…


A couple of weeks ago as I went about my usual day preparing to share my message of health with a few friends I was informed from one of the neighbor kids that one of my neighborhood friends 2 year old little boy passed away from a unforeseen accident in his garage which resulted in his tragic death.  Not believing her at first I went to confirm the findings with others in the area and my worst fears were solidified.  Having 5 very young children myself, I suddenly felt my heart sink to the cement as I pondered the circumstances that sent this young man to return to his God and the agony these young parents would face.

In so many ways it has changed my perspective and approach toward life.  The “To Do” list has become less tedious and taxing and the “To Be” list has grown immensely.  I have begun to realize that unless we are cultivating our “Being” the “Doing” doesn’t really matter.   As we focus on who we are and our ability to improve and progress through this crucial mortal existence, we find ourselves incredibly immersed in joy despite unforeseen or even expected failures or loss.

However, I couldn’t seem to shake off the tremendous heartache that this story of my friends and their son brought me.  It felt like I was experiencing it full force as if it had been my own!  So, although my direction changed my feelings and emotional sadness did not.   Grief and loss had overcome me.

Sobbing one night over this grief and loss, I chose to do a Compass Health Scan on myself to see if there would be anything tangible that could comfort me in this emotional heaviness.  Sure enough, it was concluded that several essential oils that came up were all to assist in releasing emotional trauma, sorrow, depression, and sadness  ie. doTERRA’s Elevation, Geranium and Whisper to name a few that were part of my report all of which are directly connected to helping dissipate awful feelings that come with grieving a loss. Other oils known to help are Cypress, Helichrysm, Lavender, Frankincense.

These Essentials Oils have served me so well in my journey!  I see the possibilities, understanding, and acceptance of life with more clarity and I am so excited to share and relieve the stress from all those who are affected by grief and loss.  Because essentials oils directly affect the gland in the brain called the amagdyla which stores emotional trauma and negative stories, they allow one to manage or let go of the negative feelings associated with it.  When you change things up emotionally the other elements of your life including physically and spiritually will follow suit in positively profound ways.

DoTERRA Essential oils are blessing all with emotional and physical struggles, including grief and mourning.  They support in ways that are indescribable and it is my belief that they are a God given tool to assist us in our path of mortality.  I am grateful for them in my life.  I am entirely grateful for the love of my family.  My kids are precious spirits that teach me everyday by who they are that heaven exists.  To all those who have or are dealing with grief and loss, my heart goes out to you and pray you find peace and strength in it all.

So, hug your little ones, your neighbors, your spouse and even yourself!  Slow down, embrace life, and live as if today was your last because it just may be for you or someone you love.  And, use you essentials oils as they truly are doTERRA (gift of the earth).  Love and tenderness to you and yours!

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Yours In Wholeness,

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3 Responses to “Essential Oils for Grief and Loss”

  1. Wendy F. Says:

    Did you apply or diffuse the oils when dealing with grief and loss? thank you for this post.

  2. Paula Johnson Says:

    I came upon your website by accident, but I feel like it was meant to be. I loved the video (I have seen it before) and your words are so comforting. Having lost my grandson just a few weeks ago to a tragic death, I needed to hear about what essential oils can to do help me through this trial. I am slowly learning about essential oils and have bought about 20 of them so far. I use them daily. I too believe that Heavenly Father has put these oils here for us to use and we need to embrace their power and use them. We need to stay away from mainstream medicine, as it kills instead of cures! Thank you so much!

  3. Says:

    Aromatic is best, but I also put it directly on the skin because I enjoy the smell of some of the oils.

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